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Members and Staffs


A. Membership eligibility

The following shall be eligible for membership in the BIA:

(i) Property owners; members of an improvement area consist of persons who are assessed on the last returned assessment roll,
with respect to taxed property in the area that is in the prescribed business property class; and

(ii) Tenants: tenant of such taxed property, who, by the terms of their lease is responsible for the part of the taxes that the
tenant is required to pay under the tenant’s lease.


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B. Rights and benefits of membership

Every member in good standing is entitled:

(i) To attend any annual or general meeting of the BIA

(ii) To one vote on each question arising at any annual or general meeting of the BIA; and

(iii) To hold any office of the BIA


Board members and staff:


Board composition

The affairs of the BIA shall be governed by a board of management
(sometimes called the “board”) whose members are approved by the
council of the town of Richmond Hill, and shall be composed of:

(I) Eleven members to be nominated by the members at an annual
general meeting

(II) One resident and one institutional representative appointed by
the council at the recommendation of the board

(III) One councilor appointed by council

(IV) Member appointed directly by the town



Term of office

(I) Term of office for the board of management is from the time of his or her appointment by town council until the expiration
of the term of the town council that appointed him or her, so long as the member continues to be a qualified member.

(II) In an election year, the new board cannot officially assume its duties until approved by town council, therefore the outgoing
board must continue to hold office until their successors are appointed.



The board may, on behalf of the BIA, exercise all the powers that the BIA may legally exercise in fulfillment of its objectives,
unless the board is restricted by law or by the members from exercising those powers.  These powers include, but are
not limited to, the power:

(I) To enter into contracts or arrangements

(II) To make banking and financial arrangements

(III) To execute documents

(IV) To direct the manner in which any other person or persons may enter into contracts or agreements on behalf of the BIA

(V) To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire, sell exchange or otherwise dispose of real or personal property, securities or any
rights or interests for such consideration and upon such terms and conditions as the board may consider advisable; and

(VI) To purchase insurance to protect the property rights, and interests of the BIA and to indemnify the BIA, its members,
the board, and officers from any claims, damages, losses or costs arising from or related to the affairs of the BIA.


Role and function

The board shall be responsible for:

(I) Making decisions on policy affecting the BIA

(II) Managing the affairs of the BIA

(III) Hiring of staff of the BIA; and

(IV) Appointing such committees as may be required to accomplish the work of the BIA


Board eligibility

Each board member shall be a member of the BIA, or be nominated by the BIA and shall remain a member
throughout his or her term of office.


Election and term of office

(I) The board of management shall elect from among themselves a chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer
who shall serve until the next annual general meeting or until he or she is removed from office by the resolution
of the board of management.

(II) Officers shall be elected annually by the board of management at the first meeting following the annual general meeting.


Current BIA Board of Directors and Staff:

1 Mehrdad Sabouhi
Property Owner
2 Elham Moaveni
Property Owner
3 Kevin Sedighi Business Owner
4 Hengame Hosseini Business Owner 
5 David West
Council Office
Ward Four Councilor
6 Marj Andre
Resident Representative
7 Tom Muench
Council Office
Ward Two Councilor


BIA Staff:


  1. Shirin Shahbazi
    Marketing Coordinator