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BIA Chair Message

        Mehrdad Sabouhi   

 As the Chair of the Village of Richmond Hill Business Improvement Area (BIA),
I would like to welcome you to our small village with a big heart. Back in 1851,
our village was home to eight storekeepers, three doctors, a distiller, three
wagon makers, six carpenters, three black smiths and five innkeepers.
Today our quaint historical district boasts a unique mixture of over 300
businesses in 97 buildings, including eateries, retail stores, a theatre for the
performing arts, a full range of professional offices, and much more.
As a family of businesses, we are working tirelessly together to achieve
the goal of improving our area to make it an attractive area to shop, work,
play, AND do business. In order to realize our aspirations, we are continuously
embarking on new and innovative strategies to help our business community
flourish, and to attract new, quality businesses to move to our downtown core.

Come and experience for yourself why we are called the “small village with a BIG heart”