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Enjoy the great food and wonderful company all while embracing the great outdoors!


Please contact us if you are thinking to open temporary patio.

                 Benefits of Patios:

    1. Having an outdoor patio this will increase your entertainment area. There is more room for customers to enjoy live music while enjoying the beautiful weather. 
    2. Outdoor patios have become the key element of summer. 
    3. Attract guests with outdoor dining during any season. Summertime, guests can enjoy nice warm summer nights. In the fall, heat lamps can be placed outside to still enjoy the crisp fall air. 
    4. Patios offer beautiful views of the Village, whether it is daytime or night time there is always a view to enjoy. 
    5. Increase the amount of traffic your restaurant has. With guests sitting outside enjoying the weather, visitors who are walking by will feel the desire to come and enjoy what your restaurant has to offer. 
    6. While customers can enjoy an outdoor patio, this also helps to increase the capacity of your restaurant. Increasing the seating outside allows you to seat more people inside as well. 
    7. Increase in visitors to the Village. With more restaurants and cafes opening patios, this will draw in more visitors and will make the Village a vibrant, lively place to come.



                           Burlington Patio                                                                                                                                          Oakville Patio